Electronic music festival UNDER is set up to promote the once famous underground movement and free spirit that Riga has nurtured decades ago. UNDER is designed to build a link between past and the future, and show an evolution that underground culture has gone through that time. UNDER is about celebrating and bringing back those vibes and spirit that our beloved city once pioneered and, at the same time, embracing the arrival of a new era of electronic music and artists that stand behind it, that will shape the sound for many years to come.


By the beginning of ‘90s, Rave culture had finally reached Eastern Europe. Riga had become the starting point of this new movement in the former USSR. After the collapse of Berlin wall there was an enormous sweep of sense of freedom and high hopes for the new future around the ex-Soviet block countries. The influx was coming from the West, Berlin in particular. It had also brought the new forms of music and art with it. Historically, Latvia has always been at the forefront of the underground culture at these latitudes – by having a vinyl pressing factory, having the first DJ in USSR – Hardijs Lediņš and one of the first Vinyl DJs in USSR – Jānis Krauklis. Riga was the initial point from where the message had spread across all of the former USSR territory, inspiring the vast amount of raves, being held in the most unusual settings, attracting the most creative and diverse communities. This was the birth of a new form of UNDERground that had no boundaries and appealed across all classes, races, genders and sexuality, where DJ became a key figure in shaping the movement.

Rave culture had evolved organically and slowly in Europe. From spontaneous, very often illegal, gatherings it had grown into mainstream – transformed into more organized, legal and global events, like SONAR festival in Spain, AWAKENINGS in Holland or FUSION in Germany and shaped modern club scene to produce such unconventional, free spirit cultural heritage like Berlin's infamous BERGHAIN or London’s FABRIC. Something that our city needs to have.

New Era

It’s about time Riga gets its own electronic festival, which would not only put the city on the map again, but also enrich its current nightlife and promote the new forms of art and music via the newly emerged electronic scene that artists and musicians of UNDER festival have been shaping over the past decade. Now - is the perfect time for this convergence of art and music between generations, perfect time to remember what we once had, perfect time to see what future holds and perfect time to BRING BACK THE GLORY TO OUR BELOVED CITY.

Come to Riga on May 25-27, and take part in something truly special, unique, playful and aesthetic, in historic moment that Riga has been waiting for years!