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Adroit & Guretsky

DJ set // LATVIA

Adroit b2b Guretsky (LV) - perform in different clubs and fests of Latvia. The result of this duet is unique style of their sets. Nowadays both are residents of OneOne Riga Club, where the biggest Latvian scene underground events take place.

His carrier started in 2005, getting more and more popular over the years. Became widely known in 2007, he took a part in various summer festivals and performed in the largest latvian clubs.
For the last few years Adroit's sets are mostly "vinyl only", with the personal excellent music taste. Preferable styles are deep, techno and minimal. Currently DJ Adroit is working on his own tracks, that will be released later this year.

Started collecting vinyl records since moved from Liepaja to Riga in 2000, immediately immersing himself in the city’s music scene. Since then has played in biggest clubs and festivals across Latvia. DJing has stayed the forefront of Guretsky's passion through the years, but he has also moved his interests into the studio these days.
Weapon of choice: house/minimal music.

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