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DJ set // RUSSIA

 Andrei Swipe aka Rewired is a Russian dj and live musician. He started career more than 10 years ago and from early years was involved in the musical world. As he totally fond of synth and drum-machines, he practices much with live performances, as well as dj-sets. Music by Rewired it is another part of his soul. Detroit drum-patterns, acid 303-style sounds and vintage synthesizer’s movement - that’s all about Rewired. With special sense he distinctly controlling and playing with his musical stuff, drum-machines, modular synth and space-echo effects. Sometimes it’s sounds madly, becoming kind of jazz-improvisation. For last years he played much visiting not only Russian but also German, Hungarian and Romanian gigs, moving from Propaganda, Rodnya and Decompression festival to Corvin, Gazette and Katerblau club.

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