A Dj/Producer born in the capital of Georgia - Tbilisi. From the early 2000s being keen on electronic music, chasing western House and Techno music culture, first as a listener and later as a producer. A very first EP of Charch was released in 2012 on Kore Music records followed few more EPs. With rising of the Georgian underground culture Charch has decided to take the production to a next level and took a pause while collecting old-school vintage devices. Starting from 2016 he got involved in Djing and collecting vinyl records full of old-school House/Techno sounds flavour.

The idea to spread out the Underground culture of Tbilisi abroad became real in the 2017 year. Charch became known as the co-founder of the event series Dilation in Tartu, Estonia. The events could be characterised by a specific aura brought by Georgian artists. As for the nearest future, the event series is planned to be extended to other Baltic cities and also bringing Baltic`s vibe to Georgian clubbing scene.