Jon is one of the most promising faces in Lithuanian techno scene strongly affiliated with and Black Wave movements. He is coming from Klaipėda, a seaside port-town
in the Western Lithuania and probably this balance between the waterfront, vast sea and city’s industrial heritage affected his sonic sensibilities. Jon’s sound might range from monolith heavyweight techno to meditative and hypnotic ambience or just the common ground between the two. His dj sets are spontaneous and full of surprises, but at the same time always precisely mixed, dynamic and consistent. 4/4 danceable lines usually go together with strong atmospheric sensibilities providing not only physical but also emotional experiences for the crowds.

Jon is also keen on playing long 3-5 hour sets, where he can elaborate his narratives even further, while never lacking surprising twists and turns. Apart from djing Jon also restlessly produces his own tracks, where the balance between rich floating soundscapes and heavy, yet elegant rhythmic patterns is even more evident. His background in classical piano also informs his smart composition
moves. The dense productions contains some exotic flavour adding much more excitement to the narration. Jonas’ extramusical activities are also worth mentioning as he is one of the curators of Black Wave event and mix series, which  consistently maintains high quality, and also works as a sound and video director for Klaipėda State Music Theater.