Kameu is one of the most active and hard-working technoheads in Lithuania. Having started his DJ career almost a decade ago he is constantly honing his mixing and selection skills within diverse venues and line-up contexts. This is clearly manifested in his affiliations with atmospheric and darker techno enthusiasts Black Wave and minimal.lt, one of the biggest quality electronic music promoter team in Lithuania. Thus his sets could be heard in the wilderness of Lithuanian woods as well as among the concrete walls of underground nightclubs. He together with his colleague Endie also participated in Boiler Room session in Bialystok, Poland, where they dropped an intense and dynamic portion of groovy and monolith techno sound. Kameu’s own sets are as diverse as his activities ranging from functional techno madness to immersive deeper sounds or even ambientish pulsations, from old-school to cutting-edge tracks. He carefully merges the sensibilities required for both listening and dancefloor  experiences.