Kashuks was born in Riga, Latvia 1991, makes electronic music since 2007. He started music making as a small joke and in several months this joke became in more serious movement. He started with hip hop beats only. From 2009 till 2012 he produced a lot of Latvian well known hip hop artists. Now he has grown his skills and he intricately weaves multiple genres from electronic, down-tempo, melancholy and chill, hip hop, to experimental, to create truly mesmerizing pieces. On 17 August 2012 he released his first studio debut album “Piece Of A Chance”, which is the sounding that Kashuks was looking for years. On 8 September 2013 releases second studio album which was nominated in Annual Latvian Music awards and got a lot of recognition. Then comes two albums – “Piece of a Chance, Pt.3” 2014 and “FICTION” 2015, – both of these got award in Annual Latvian Music awards as best electronic music album.