Katja Adrikova is a resident DJ of Tallinn ́s new and fresh techno-club HALL and also a member of MÜRK and ISOLA.

So far she has been on the line-ups with Abdullah Rashim, Dasha Rush, Sigha, SNTS and Mike Wall to name a few… Katja started DJing in 2009 and had been influenced by industrial, techno and other electronic genres. With the experience gathered over time, she understood and recognised that the soundscapes created during a set cannot be fully planned out - You have to leave a little room for the magic touch of random to work with the overall feel and emotion of the space and people.

The most trustworthy selector is intuition and gut feeling that tells you moment by moment what is right. So far - melodic, playful, changing rhythms, hypnotic techno & electronic music is what resonates with her the most. The kind of music that surprises and rises curiosity to create new and unexplored soundscapes.