Nina Elektrichka is visual artist, Dj and producer based in Riga, Latvia. Expressing her he[art] beats within dimensional art scenes. Nina started playing records gradiently around 2001 shifting along various dj gears and exploring versatile music genres. As EDM kept radiating in her heart around 2008 became active member of local electronic dance music - crashing gigs at major local parties, festivals, organizing extreme sports, music and art events and expanding into music production.

“Elektrichka” in russian means electric multiple unit train, the symbol of eternal movement powered by the the physical phenomena - electric charge. When electricity is transmitted to railway network tiny invisible electric energy sub-elements start converting, changing, spinning, configuring and transforming while creating movement. Several distinct sounds melding along the railway journey such as the mechanical noise, environmental vibrations, individual frequencies, and the beats mixing along the rail tracks. This sound orchestra becomes altered story of constanly modifying dynamics, an endless flow of electric presence, bursts of changes, strange sounds passing and arising.

Her live Dj performances is all about experimenting and contrasts. Combining electronic music subgenres - electro, techno and dance adding live noise injections, multi-loops, raw beats and creating powerfull magnetic field while rising intense frequencies on the dance floor. 


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