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Live // LATVIA

Andrei Antonets aka OID is Latvian born composer and producer, known also as the co-founder of Alexandroid. Established in 1996, Alexandroid rapidly became one of the most remarkable projects in Russian experimental electronica. At Radio France's International Electronic Music Awards in 2004, a jury chaired by Laurent Garnier selected Alexandroid from 150 projects––all across Eastern Europe. Garnier awarded the duo with the Grand Prix.
Using the stage-name OID in 2006, Andrei released a solo recording "Systems of Mercy" in order to showcase his own compositions from the previous six years. A side-project then transpired, the beats-driven Id10ts (pron. “Idiots”). One Id10ts cut in particular “Gold Room” was redesigned by Hamburg’s DJ Koze and released on Lorecordings in 2010. 
In 2012, OID began a significant collaboration with Russia’s best-known rock star Ilya Lagutenko; together they published an album-length recording as KETA. In 2015 PNN released an equally significant OID extended play on vinyl. Entitled “Bright Side of Life,” it was pressed with remixes by Mujuice, Popnoname and The Field

OID has recent released his latest LP called "22:22" that was highly praised by electronic artists worldwide.

Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/OID-582605835128910/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/andrei-0id