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Live // LATVIA

Oriola 701 is an electronic music quartet from Latvia active for more than 15 years. The band was formerly known as Oriola. The first official release dates back to July of 2005 when 'Welder Girl' EP was pressed on vinyl by Amber Muse Records
 Original duo of Andrew 'Les' Leskovsky and Vital Drozdov became a quartet in April 2012 when Gerri Pavloff and Paul Melamed joined to form Oriola 701. The name is a reference to an asteroid in the solar system discovered by Joseph Helffrich in 1910. 
Since 2012 Oriola 701 has performed a number of shows, known for live performances and an eclectic dance style. The band's works have been released on music labels in Latvia, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Spain and UK.

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