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sid le rock

Live // CANADA

The Native born Canadian, Sidney Sheldon Thompson aka Sid Le Rock has had a prolific career throughout the course of his musical endeavors. 
Already making a name for himself with the garnered success of his 2 prior albums releases under the monikers- Pan/Tone and one album as Gringo Grinder, an additional project under the name - Sid Le Rock was created to explore various forms of electronic dance music.
Most recently, he established Beachcoma Recordings along side his long time friends (Metope and Fairmont). The label was created as a platform to release music that they feel bests represents them as individual artists, as well as other like minded artists.
As an accomplished remixer, Sid has remixed Depeche Mode, Placebo, Gui Boratto, Fairmont, Bishop Morocco & Nicone. He himself has been remixed by DJ Koze, Ada, Acid Pauli, Alex Smoke, Brett Johnson, Gui Boratto & Soul Center.
Over a decades worth of electrifying audiences worldwide, compiled with his signature sound is what solidified Sid Le Rock as a reputable performer/producer unto this present day.

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