Migrating from England’s northern wilderness to London and now Bristol, Tones’ schooling in astrophysics didn’t deviate his desire to be a musician. Following a prolific run of numerous well-received EPs and 12” singles, his debut album ‘Mosaic’ was released by Houndstooth in 2014. Live he has supported the likes of Bonobo, Atoms For Peace and Jon Hopkins; as well as completing a stint at Red Bull Music Academy and making numerous Boiler Room appearances. Not one to be content with merely making his own music, Tones is also co-owner of the Left Blank and A Future Without record labels as well as running his own imprint, Snowfall. He also records as Snow Ghosts with vocalist Augustus Ghost and releases music with his brother under the name Vellico.

Most recently Throwing Snow released ‘Embers’, a conceptually imaginative and musically atmospheric new album  on Houndstooth. ‘Embers’ draws stimulus from the laws and patterns appearing in the natural world, excelling creatively from the freedom and restrictions those apply and emerging vividly from those processes employed in its creation.

“Our complex world arises from fundamental laws. These laws constantly sculpt and shape our surroundings through repeating cycles, forever moving forward. Cycles interact with each other, endlessly morphing an interconnected landscape. Viewed over longer periods of time seemingly static objects like mountains ebb and flow like water, and yet over the same time frame countless lives appear like waves oscillating in a blink of an eye.” ~ Throwing Snow